Prof. Ahad Khan

Prof. Ahad Khan

The Chairman, Founder

SKIN 95%
HAIR 98%

Prof. A. Khan’s passion is helping people to enhance their own natural looks, a passion he pursues as one of the leading Cosmetologist in the Mumbai area. Specializing in Cosmetology as well as Aesthetic and Trichology, Prof. Khan spearheaded the establishment of a regional plastic surgery practice that serves our city and the surrounding area with excellence and efficiency.

His impressive medical education and advanced cosmetology training established the foundation of his successful plastic surgery clinic.

As per his cliental values and top most people supports he encouraged himself to create his own valuable to people brand within his expertise and past experiences to serve the clients & communities in much better ways and create positive and prosperous surroundings against the cosmetic healthcare sector.

Prof. A. K’s mission and vision are to provide the best quality treatments to entire communities & clients with the pursuit of excellence within an affordability under his best care and supervision.

His common message and suggestions to everyone is that anyone seeking for any treatment most essentially need to choose a rightly trained and qualified professional for better treatment results especially in cosmetology, here money should secondarily be counted not primarily because the money can be earned again but the body can’t.